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Hello everyone,

I will begin this new section of my website about my project to build a Boeing 737 cockpit by testing the korrys I recently received from OpenCockpits. They are to be used in the Collins-style MCP.

The model I ordered is “Switch type Korry MON-OFF (momentary)” (reference 4TS14M) and it costs (at the time of writing) 15 euros each. The legend (text) and the color of the two parts (upper and lower) are to be specified as comments during the checkout.

The service from OpenCockpit is excellent and I received the korrys only a week after the order using normal postal service (OpenCockpit is located in Spain and I live in France). They were properly packed and well protected.



The larger black square seen on the above pictures near the connectors is a ring that can be used to secure the korry when moved to the top of the korry over the toothed area.

The korry is connected using the 6 pins headers at the bottom: pins 1 and 2 = +5 V and GND for the first LED, pins 3 and 4 = push-button, pins 5 and 6 = GND and +5 V for the second LED.

The LED are directly powered with 5 V without need for any external resistor. They consume 19 mA each.

First LED turned on:


First and second LED turned on:


There is almost no light leakage from one part of the korry to the other.

To conclude, this korry is almost perfect and relatively cheap. Thank you OpenCockpits!

4 thoughts on “Korry from OpenCockpits

  1. Daniel Pfister


    Dont know if you read this 🙂 I have a question regarding the Korry Switch. How is the haptic when you push it. I know the original one is relativ hard to push – Im interested in the OC ones, but they must be close to the real Korry.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Guillaume Post author

      Hi Daniel,

      The korrys I have are momentary on contacts, i.e. the electrical contact happens only when the korry is pushed. These ones are really easy to push. Unfortunately, as I never had the opportunity to test a real world korry, I cannot compare. For your information, the course of the button is 2-mm long.

      Best regards,


    1. Guillaume Post author

      Hi Alan,

      Here is a picture: Connection of the Korry switch

      There are several ways to connect the Korry switches. I personally use Molex connectors (KK 254 family) and more precisely the reference 22-01-2065 (6-pin female crimp housing, the white connector on the picture above) with the contact reference 08-50-0113 (female crimp terminal). It works very well to connect the switches to my custom MCP board.

      Best regards,



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