• First FT8 QSO

    Several months after my first HF QSO (as I live in a flat in the middle of Paris, I can only deploy my HF antenna when I am on vacation), I have just made my first QSO with JT8.

  • First HF QSO

    Two days ago (on the 10th of August 2018), I made my first QSO (contact) on HF (more precisely, on the 40-meter amateur band) since receiving my amateur license.

  • Migration from Wordpress to Jekyll

    I have decided that the first step before publishing new content was to update the site by itself. After having investigated Hugo, I have finally chosen Jekyll.

  • Some news

    Since the birth of my first daughter three years ago, I have had no free time so all my personal projects described on this website are for the moment stalled. However, I have recently passed the French amateur radio exam so I have now new project ideas in my mind. I hope to be able to describe them here soon.

  • USB HID example for ChibiOS/RT and Olimex STM32-E407 board

    I have just made available an example application demonstrating how to communicate using the HID (Human Interface Device) class over USB.

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